‘Flytipping Watch’ aim to support Legitimate Businesses who have fully accredited requirements to remove waste as per Environment Agency guidelines. If you are an interested business who would like to be on our approved list please contact the team. We will check licence details and provide a link to your services or web page.

‘Flytipping Watch’ have checked the listed businesses and spoken directly with the proprietor to give you a level of assurance that the service you are using is legitimate. We provide the current expiration date of the licence.


Many of us use social media to connect with our communities, we buy and sell online all the time whether this is locally through social media or through more recognised sites. We have all been made aware of the dangers with online fraud and protecting our data. In waste management there are also many risks. Sadly there are people out there who appear to be reputable, but could land you with a large fine, do you know the risks?

If you use a service you have a responsibility to ensure that they are licenced and legal.

This is why ‘Flytipping Watch’ decided to start this service.

Case Study

Recently we worked with a victim of an unlicensed carrier who had been employed in good faith. The person in the advert on a selling site claimed to be fully licensed however this was not the case. After paying the waste removal fee the unsuspecting member of the public had a large quantity of household waste from their property.

Sadly, they found out that they had been the victim of a ‘Man with a Van’ waste removal fraud. Soon after the rubbish was removed it was fly tipped along with other waste. The victim of this fraud ended up clearing the waste along with other waste from a fly tip site, but only found half of their waste. They posted on a local group their anger at what had happened. One of our group members saw this post and alerted the team by sharing on our social media page. The victim then joined the group. Sadly, this wasn’t the end of the story the following day a group member spotted and fly tip and reported on our pages. It transpired that this was the second half of their waste. They were able to remove this and avoided a fine. Given the quantity of the rubbish they could have faced a fine of £400+ thanks to the work of our network of group members this was avoided.

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