Tackling Flytipping in Lincolnshire

A group of passionate individuals focussed on improving the look of the community

Formed in 2018

The first Flytipping Watch Facebook group was established focussing on the community of Boston, in November 2018.

Run by passionate volunteers

Founded by Boston resident, Mark Douglass after getting fed up of seeing rubbish abandoned by the roadside, Mark approached other locals for support.

Ever growing support base

Across 3 Facebook groups, we currently have a combined user base in excess of 1000 people, who want to see their community tidied up.

Regular litter picks and clean ups

The Flytipping Watch team organise regular litter picks, focussing on “grot-spots” to clean up and revitalise known litter traps and dumps.

See it, Report it

If you see any flytipped rubbish, or witness flytipping being undertaken, report it. Either anonymously via our email, or on your local Facebook group.

Plans for expansion

With the success of the new South Holland and North Kesteven group, we’re looking at expanding further, and introducing Flytipping Watch into Skegness and further afield too.

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