Tackling Flytipping in Lincolnshire

A group of passionate individuals focussed on improving the look of the community

Formed in 2018

The first Flytipping Watch Facebook group was established focussing on the community of Boston, in November 2018.

Run by passionate volunteers

Founded by Boston resident, Mark Douglass after getting fed up of seeing rubbish abandoned by the roadside, Mark approached other locals for support.

Ever growing support base

Across 3 Facebook groups, we currently have a combined user base in excess of 1000 people, who want to see their community tidied up.

Regular litter picks and clean ups

The Flytipping Watch team organise regular litter picks, focussing on “grot-spots” to clean up and revitalise known litter traps and dumps.

See it, Report it

If you see any flytipped rubbish, or witness flytipping being undertaken, report it. Either anonymously via our email, or on your local Facebook group.

Plans for expansion

With the success of the new South Holland and North Kesteven group, we’re looking at expanding further, and introducing Flytipping Watch into Skegness and further afield too.

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Our Next Clean Up


Sunday 28th April;

Fishmere End Road, Kirton


Tuesday 26th March;

Spalding Town Centre



Sleaford Basalt Pits

fines issued
flytipping reports

Mark Douglass


Mark with his investigative background has overall management oversight of the project. He has been involved in previous community projects in the Boston area, most notably following the floods of December 2013. In November 2018, Mark set up Flytipping Watch Boston & Local, developing strong connections with the community and Boston Borough Council, who like him were fed up of seeing the increasing amounts of waste being Flytipped which is destroying our environment.

After an incredible response from the local community, Mark set up his second group, focussing on the issues that facing Spalding and the surrounding areas, linking with South Holland District Council.

Mark is a strong advocate of businesses operating responsibly and within Environmental Agency (EA) rules. He promotes that businesses and communities dispose of waste in a responsible and as environmentally friendly as possible to reduce the amount of rubbish in our street’s lanes and fields.

Mark’s vision is the grow the Flytipping Watch community and to expand to address this national issue with numerous groups across the country, all with the common goal of changing habits and attitudes towards waste disposal. To achieve this, he works closely with local authorities raising awareness and developing strong working in partnerships. In the longer term there are plans to produce and distribute educational material so future generations are better educated to continue this fight.

Nathan Bryant


Having sat on the Boston in Bloom partnership for 3 years, Nathan's passion for the revitalisation and improvement of the town's appearance is heartfelt and dedicated.

Having been part of Boston's Big Clean Up for numerous years, which he has supported through his Graphic and Website Design business, Mark approached Nathan about the Flytipping project, explaining his vision.

Nathan soon joined on board with the idea, and offered his design skills to further enhance the approach.

Mark Ingamells


Owner of Guardian Ground Control, a waste disposal business located in Sibsey, Mark attended the first Flytipping Watch Community Litter Pick in Boston organised in January 2019.

After that, Mark became more on board with the leadership and behind the scenes management of the project, including assisting with the finances and administration.

Dawn Gair


Dawn has a background of fund raising and book keeping for local organisations, though her work in the retail sector she is able to engage with potential sponsors.
Since it’s launch, Dawn has assisted in the developing Crowdfunding and donation facility, as well of keeping track of budgets and sponsors.
At this time, she is working with the team to develop and source products that will help ‘Flytipping Watch’ operate and produce material that will assist in the fight back against fly-tipping.
Along side this, Dawn assists with the day-to-day running of the various groups, including reporting to local authorities and management tasks.

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